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Costume Construction
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Costume Reproduction

I reproduced this beautiful 30-year-old  costume with the permission of the Tom Pazik Estate for the 2008 production of Cinderella. Some of the design details include a skirt with a hand painted border and a faux train.



  Costume Construction From Separate Pieces

These costumes were created for the Ballerina Dolls of The Nutcracker. The Wardrobe Department provided me with brand new, white tutus and colorful bodices that were a couple of inches too short.  The choreographer requested a playful "Dippin' Dots" theme, and I customized middle pieces to pull the separates together into a cohesive look.




Costume Construction

Of An Original Design

I constructed this enchanting costume for the role of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. I created the custom pattern for this design to be light and ethereal, while simultaneously concealing a flying harness.



Photograph Courtesy of

Keiko Guest


Photograph Courtesy of

Suzanne Maitland




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